Compassionate support

If life is getting you down, The Company Chaplain™ is easy to talk to, like a friend who is clinically-trained and completely confidential.

Chaplains listen with empathy and provide compassionate, spiritual support

A counseling session with The Company Chaplain™ provides emotional and spiritual support with no stigma, and complete confidentiality. Our board-certified providers are available virtually, at the time and place that’s most convenient.

  • A holistic alternative to psychological counseling
  • Military-grade Confidentiality™
  • No perceived stigma or mental health diagnosis
  • Board-certified providers
  • Convenient sessions, scheduled online directly
  • Delivered by Zoom or phone
  • Choice of several levels of corporate support

Covid is affecting everyone. We’re all feeling the strain, and it’s impacting our jobs. Employers are stepping up to demonstrate they support their employees in many ways.

Introductory Offer: your first counseling session with The Company Chaplain is free! Click the green button to schedule your session. (Offer applies only to new clients, for initial sessions through January, 2022. Please note: you will be asked to make a payment online, and this will be refunded in full before the session.)


First session free!

The Company Chaplain™ is essential in times of stress

The main barriers to employees using your existing Employee Assistance Program are the stigma of seeking help from a mental health provider, and the fact that employees feel they should not be showing vulnerability by seeking help.

Correctly or not, employees want to send the message that they are putting the company first, showing up even when under the weather. This has been a factor even during Covid, when many employers have been more actively addressing employees well-being.

Battlefield Counseling™

A time tested organizational intervention

Some of the world’s largest organizations use Chaplains to support their troops. Literally, the army sends soldiers into battle with Chaplains at their side. And they’ve been doing it for centuries, proving that chaplain support is essential in times of great employee stress. The Company Chaplain™ gives you access to the same type of care for your team.

During this time of Covid, frontline workers have experienced the type of constant danger that previously only the military would expect to see on the battlefield. Others have struggled with uncertainty and loss. Don’t your team deserve Battlefield Counseling™ too?

A military company has anywhere from a few dozen to 200 soldiers. Whatever the size of your company, join The Company Chaplain at the membership level that works for you – and give your most important asset a convenient, stigma-free choice for wellness.

Your workers are on the battlefield for you, they are key to the success of your business, and your membership in The Company Chaplain can help them through difficult times. Click here to learn more about Company Chaplain membership discounts and benefits.

Employees: These are difficult times, but when you have a problem it’s not always obvious who to talk to—your boss, your friend, or your family? Sometimes we want a neutral party to just listen… someone who doesn’t know us and our friends or family. That is why The Company Chaplain is here for you.

Some common issues addressed by The Company Chaplain:

  • Worries, fear and uncertainty
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Isolation, loneliness
  • Discouragement and sadness
  • Relationship issues

An empathic listener, interested in what’s most important to you

A Company Chaplain is a great listener, interested in you as a whole being, making us a holistic alternative to psychological counseling. Our focus is your emotional and spiritual well-being. That’s why we will ask you about what’s important to you in terms of giving you strength and purpose in life.

In other words, we’ll support you in the life-supporting values and interests that are meaningful to you. We are all spiritual beings at the Company Chaplain, drawing nourishment from our diverse faiths and spiritual practices.

We don’t evangelize or proselytize, meaning we never try to convert others. That’s a prime directive for our professional chaplains. A Company Chaplain is a clinically-trained, highly educated and empathic counselor who is Board certified. That means that their education and training has been reviewed by an independent, national professional body which has found that they meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Getting acquainted — what you can expect from a Company Chaplain

Many people are unfamiliar with chaplains. Most have a vague sense that they are associated with a church or religion, and it’s true that you will find people called chaplains doing great work in some churches. Those folks are not clinically trained, however, and rarely if ever have the advanced education and professional training of a board-certified chaplain—the only type of chaplain you’ll find at The Company Chaplain™.

Our diverse faiths give us strength and purpose at The Company Chaplain, and help us to serve others. So belief and spirituality are very important to us, but we adhere to the highest professional standards and will never try to convince others to think or act as we do—unless someone directly asks us to share our beliefs or values.

What’s vital to you might be faith, family and friends, or life goals—or a combination of them. It’s different for different people, of course, but once we know the “secret sauce” that gives you strength, we will work with you to draw out the flavors of those important ingredients. Even if they are not overtly, “spiritual or religious.” Out of those essential elements, we’ll craft a response to your current difficulties — a recipe to help you heal, thrive and move on to where you want to be in your life.

Military-grade Confidentiality™

Company Chaplain services are highly confidential. Like our professional colleagues in the military, a Company Chaplain™ preserves the bond of trust with those whom we serve by not making a report on what you share with us.

That means we don’t report on what you share with us to your employer and don’t make any entries in a medical record. We call that Military-grade Confidentiality™.

We are not mental health providers, so we are not going to make a mental health diagnosis or analysis as we talk to you. We are going to listen, provide empathy, help you clarify the roots of your concerns or suffering. We’re going to help you identify some of your strengths and help you reconnect with them, and draw on them to start to heal.

Accessing services

Anyone can access The Company Chaplain. Just click schedule a session, choose the kind of support you want and follow the prompts to get started.

Employees: Schedule an introductory session online

Our services are provided by Zoom or phone, wherever is best for you. See our schedule online and book a session directly for the available time that works for you. It’s a simple process—and you’ll get a discount, or an employer-paid session if your company is a member!

If you simply are curious and want to know more, check out our FAQs or schedule a complimentary 10 minute Q&A session with a Company Chaplain. And thanks for visiting our site!

Employers can subscribe to The Company Chaplain to provide:

  • Charter member—a monthly subscription that provides a 15% discount for your employees and one free session of CompanyRounds for your company per annum. Employees pay for their session(s) with their personal credit card.
  • Battlefield™ member—a higher level of support that makes sessions free for your employees, charged to your company credit card. All sessions are 20% off, giving you a great return on your membership. Battlefield™ members can set a maximum limit on the number of sessions each employee can schedule per month.

Click to access the services of The Company Chaplain for your company, at the level you choose. Registration is simple, online, and allows you to communicate your increased support quickly to your team.


Building a culture of empathy and compassion at work

CompanyRounds™ is a unique, innovative, peer-support intervention. It provides a safe space for employees to share about the difficult feelings that can come up in our work lives, in a safe, facilitated space-enabling us human beings to be more:

  • Focussed
  • Creative
  • Productive

Healing through peer-to-peer support

CompanyRounds™ provides the support of a group and the healing power of empathy and compassion. Where individual counseling provides one-on-one support, CompanyRounds™ gives employees the trust-building experience of being supported by individuals like themselves.


To join a CompanyRounds session yourself, please click here. To schedule a CompanyRounds session for your employees only, please contact us.

Confidential and Safe

CompanyRounds have been developed over six years, constantly improved based on participants’ feedback and constant research on their effectiveness. Our prime focus is ensuring safety and confidentiality for participants.

That’s why each session is led by an experienced facilitator. All participants agree to confidentiality and ground rules before joining a session. Our ground rules include maintaining the anonymity of participants and their employers.

The facilitator monitors the session closely to support meaningful conversations and those who share. The Company Chaplain provides additional resources afterward for those who want more support or follow-up.

CompanyRounds is CompanyRounds is not
Facilitated peer support Group therapy
Safe space to share difficult feelings about experiences connected to work Criticizing or second guessing what someone should have done
Experiencing empathy and compassion as we receive it in CompanyRounds Problem solving or skills training
Giving empathy and compassion to others Education or dissemination of knowledge
Online, by teleconference In person
Source of healing experiences such as noticing, “I’m not alone.” Didactic or instructing how to change your feelings
CompanyRounds is
Facilitated peer support
Safe space to share difficult feelings about experiences connected to work
Experiencing empathy and compassion as we receive it in CompanyRounds
Giving empathy and compassion to others
Online, by teleconference
Source of healing experiences such as noticing, “I’m not alone.”
CompanyRounds is not
Group therapy
Criticizing or second guessing what someone should have done
Problem solving or skills training
Education or dissemination of knowledge
In person
Didactic or instructing how to change your feelings

Each session of Company Rounds has a topic, which is the focus for the discussion. The topic can be anything that is relevant for your group, or something more general, for example:

  • Covid-related themes
  • Harassment and Objectification
  • Working from home

Everyone is protected by the agreements made by each participant to listen without making judgments and to keep what they hear confidential.

Employees are welcome to share or not; there is no pressure to do anything during CompanyRounds. The facilitator holds the space so that those who want to talk about experiences brought up by the theme can do so in safety. Other participants then respond from their experience. To end the session, we explore what has been helpful for folks in these situations.

Anyone can join an open session of CompanyRounds. An open session is one where employees of different companies can join the same session. Participants may be managers or not. Just click schedule a session, and follow the prompts to get started.

If your company is a member of The Company Chaplain, we provide one complimentary session per annum per member company and can schedule additional sessions as needed.

Employers who are members of The Company Chaplain get one complimentary session per annum and can schedule additional sessions as needed. We recommend one session every two months, or more often if you have a large group. Just email us to get the conversation started.

To find out more, check out our FAQs, or sign up and try it out for yourself. And thanks for visiting our site!

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