40% of US workers more burned out in 2022 than last year

“Burnout rates are through the roof and rising,” reports Bloomberg. “Some 40% of US workers are more burned out this year than in 2021, according to polling by recruiter Robert Half Inc. And a study conducted in early 2021 by Ohio State University’s Office of the Chief Wellness Officer and College of Nursing found that two-thirds of working parents were experiencing parental burnout.”

Worryingly, the authors note, “35% of workers are uneasy about expressing feelings of burnout with their manager.”

It’s important to prevent burnout, so please practice good self care. That may mean different things to different people, but for most of us it does require more attention than we’re currently giving it.

Burnout is a complex issue, with factors involving the workplace, management, and personal issues all playing a roll. It’s also a very serious issue, much more than the name may suggest. It’s not simply being very tired, I think of it as fatigue that changes one’s personality, undermines one’s healthy purpose, and takes a long time to recover from. It can lead to many people leaving their professions, as has happened with many nurses during and after the pandemic.

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