Employers with the best perks and benefits have lower attrition rates

“According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trend’s 2020 report, companies that were highly rated in terms of compensation and benefits saw a 56% lower attrition rate.”

The pandemic has impacted work in many ways, but some trends that were present going into pandemic-mode have re-emerged. One of those is the rising importance of the “employee experience” in retaining key workers. “Employee experience is about doing things with and for your employees, not to them,” said Mark Levy, former Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb.

The survey found that 68% respondents said the employee experience at their companies has improved in recent years – “but there’s plenty of room to grow.” One place we see the need to grow is to expand the access to care in EAP. To expand the concept of EAP, in fact, to include not just mental and behavioral health, but spiritual health as well.

Adding a layer of spiritual care to the existing EAP model is a key HR innovation for 2022. And it’s easy with The Company Chaplain. Our board certified chaplains are clinically trained to work as part of interdisciplinary teams in health care settings. Now they are available to company employees as well, to provide compassionate support through the challenges of daily living that fall short of mental health issues.

And, just for November, 2021, we are making the initial appointment free for new clients–and the first month of a corporate membership free as well. Click here for details.

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