Don’t take health care workers for granted… it’s not a given they will be there if you get sick!

I’ve been thinking about my colleagues and coworkers during the current Covid surge. It amazes me how those who choose not to get vaccinated don’t seem the realize the heartbreaking burden they may put on health care workers.

Folks, some of them were burning out before Covid and they are really struggling now. Please support the great beings who care for the sick, and your fellow beings, by following the Covid guidelines.

About 20% of workers have left healthcare in less than two years, since the pandemic, in the US. More have been laid off. The workload hasn’t reduced any since then, so do the math and you’ll realize that it won’t take long before we won’t have a health care system that can care for everyone who is ill, if things continue as they have in the past. (Here’s a case in point–health authorities in the UK just announced that if you have a heart attack, you should get a friend to drive you to the hospital, rather than calling for an ambulance! The ambulance service is overwhelmed due to Covid cases.)

If you choose not to get vaccinated ask yourself if you really care about others. Because, when vaccination is a choice, declining it is risking your health and that of anyone else who has to take care of you if you get infected.

Infection also makes you an emitter of a highly infectious virus, at a time when the most important thing is to stop the spread.

If you believe that the vaccine is a greater harm than infection with Covid, you are not alone, but you are misinformed.

Please, look with fresh eyes at the evidence, think of others and demonstrate that you love others as yourself by getting a Covid shot.

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