Employer medical claims likely miss 75% of employee mental health issues

Important insight from Lee Lewis, chief strategy officer & GM Medical Solutions at Health Transformation Alliance.

“it is likely that few employees medically treat mental health issues through their employer-sponsored health care plans. In addition, data shows there is still a stigma with mental health issues that are swept under the rug. The deduction that employer medical claims likely miss 75% of employee mental health issues is just a data point that underscores mental health may be an epidemic in America.”

Mr. Lewis points to some innovators in the EAP space:

“next-generation Employee Assistance Programs can and are making a difference by giving employees a pathway for help. These programs, such as Lyra or Spring Health, provide employees up to same-day access to mental health services with a coach or therapist. As reported by the American Psychiatric Association, Center for Workplace Mental Health, EAPs go beyond mental health.”

Spiritual support helps those dealing with mental and physical illness

At The Company Chaplain we are expanding the choice of care for company employees beyond the mental health model–by providing spiritual care. It’s a type of care that the US Army has been providing soldiers for more than 200 years, because the troops value it and because they need support on their challenging missions.

As spiritual care specialists we are used to caring for those with physical and mental illness in clinical settings, alongside their therapists, social workers and doctors. Clients’ spiritual resources can be important in coping with the distress that comes with illness. And of course we are experts in addressing spiritual distress. Spiritual distress is not mental illness. It’s a different type of issue, and it’s a different type of care.

We welcome the chance to partner with our mental health and physician colleagues.

Wishing all who suffer mental illness or distress much peace. May they be well. May they be happy. May they find the support they need, free of judgement and fear.

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