Almost all employers subscribe to an EAP program to give employees access to mental health care. That is very wise, but let’s remember that not all problems are mental health problems. We may be worried, but well. Sometimes we may be grieving, struggling to find hope or connect with a sense of purpose. Those are situations where a board-certified spiritual care provider from The Company Chaplain can help an employee get through a difficult time and regain their productivity. 

And spiritual care is totally complementary to mental health care. We work with mental health and medical providers every day in the hospital, and are part of the interdisciplinary care of the patients in most hospitals in the country. So adding spiritual care to the mental health and behavioral health benefits you offer through your EAP will catch you up to the best practice in the health care field.

Board certified chaplains do not provide mental health care, they provide compassionate emotional and spiritual support–to help clients find new hope, for example, and connect to that which is most meaningful to them. And published data shows that 25% of the population who seek support actually seek out a spiritual care provider, demonstrating the existing demand for these services. 

Why is spiritual care so in demand? One Blue Cross affiliate in New England asked their members why they were not using their preventive health care benefits, and instead using expensive emergency care instead.  Members told them they do not trust the medical system. Who did they say they trust? Their church. Again, this is pointing to the need to add spiritual care to your package of benefits. 

Until now, these clinically-trained spiritual care providers were only available within the health care system. The Company Chaplain makes them available to your employees, conveniently and at very competitive rates. This is a great way to address the limited availability of providers through EAP programs too. We add a whole new source of trusted providers to the field! 

You can add this new paradigm in EAP for less than $100 / month! Join The Company Chaplain to provide your employees with access to the highest quality of spiritual care, to complement your EAP and Behavioral Health benefits. Employers pay a low monthly fee to become a member and can cancel at any time, making this a uniquely accessible benefit: 

  • Charter member—a monthly subscription that provides a 15% discount for your employees and one free session of CompanyRounds for your company per annum. Employees pay for their session(s) with their personal credit card.
  • Battlefield™ member—a higher level of support that makes sessions free for your employees, charged to your company credit card. All sessions are 20% off, giving you a great return on your membership. Battlefield™ members can set a maximum limit on the number of sessions each employee can schedule per month. (Contact us to discuss your limit on sessions.) Battlefield™ members also receive one free session of CompanyRounds per annum. 

Click to access the services of The Company Chaplain for your company, at the level you choose. Registration is simple, online, and allows you to communicate your increased support quickly to your team.

Introductory Offer: for December 2021 only, get your first month membership in The Company Chaplain free of charge. Click the green button on this page, and sign up. Your employees will have immediate access to services. (Please note, when you sign up online, you will be asked to pay for the first month, and the charge will be refunded within one week.)

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