Folks who seek mental health care turn to clergy as often as they go to psychiatrists

This is surprising for many, but when people want emotional or mental support, they turn to leaders of their spiritual communities–pastors, priests, imams and rabbis–as often as psychiatrists or general medical providers.

This tells us that spiritual care is a part of the care continuum for people who need counseling support. In fact, approximately 25% of those who seek mental health care turn to clergy.

However, until now, people outside the healthcare system have not had access to clinically-trained, board certified spiritual care providers, such as we offer at The Company Chaplain. We are very experienced in working with other disciplines across diverse settings of care–psychotherapists, behavioral health coaches, as well as clergy–in the service of the client’s needs for health and healing.

Here at The Company Chaplain, we are very clear that we are not providing mental health care. We collaborate in the care of our clients and patients, referring them on to Social Work or Therapist colleagues when needed.  And continuing to support them emotionally and spiritually as they go through the challenges of their health journey.

So if you are a doctor, psychotherapist, behavioral health coach, or clergy, please keep us in mind as partners in the care of those who need emotional or spiritual support.

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