California’s mental health workers go on strike

“Thousands of mental health workers in California are going on strike to demand that Kaiser Permanente, America’s largest non-profit HMO, better provide “desperately needed” services.

“As the US grapples with an increase in anxiety and depression brought on by the pandemic, Kaiser patients are waiting months for therapy sessions, according to the union representing the workers… Patients who should receive therapy weekly instead are waiting up to eight weeks, according to the union, and overwhelming caseloads are pushing therapists to leave the company entirely.”

The Company Chaplain can help here because we offer a hybrid model where those waiting for mental health care can have spiritual support from board certified spiritual care providers–the very same spiritual care that they would receive in a Kaiser Hospital.

We don’t provide mental health, but for those who would find a compassionate listener helpful, one who can help identify emotional and spiritual resources to help them cope with their difficulties, we can be a welcome bridge to their next mental health appointment.

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