Naming our losses from the pandemic: a special session of CompanyRounds on Aug. 3

Please join us on Aug 3rd, for a special forum called CompanyRounds, to honor those who have died of Covid, and to acknowledge losses of all kinds due to the pandemic.

Vaccines have given many of us hope and protection. We have dared to hope that we can regain our pre-Covid lives, with the security that we have protection from infection. But the truth is that, just in the USA, we have lost more than twice as many lives to the Covid pandemic as in all of World War II. And it is sadly not over yet.

We need to take time to recognize that so many have died. And to acknowledge other bitter experiences. Many have lost work, for example, and millions of people are behind on rent, in fear of being homeless before too long. We need to give all this space, to free ourselves to move forward as we continue to bear the stress of the ongoing pandemic.

So I invite you to connect to others and join CompanyRounds–a confidential, facilitated forum on Zoom, on this topic; “Naming our losses from the pandemic.” Share your story of loss and honor those who have gone from us, but not from your heart or memory.

Each session of CompanyRounds has a topic or theme. The purpose is to share personal feelings and experiences for which there is normally no space at work. It is not about fixing or solving problems. It is about providing a safe, compassionate space to connect with others and give voice to our personal experience. It helps to build a culture of compassion at work.

Click here to register: CompanyRounds on Tuesday, Aug 3, 2021 2:00pm – 3:00pm Pacific Time

Click here for more information about CompanyRounds.

Thank you.


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