Spirituality is a factor in the highest level of success and skill at work–don’t overlook it!

Several of the best international soccer players have begun to stop for moments of meditation on the field, as a kind of celebration after scoring in the Premier League, La Liga, etc. Others point to heaven, make the sign of the cross, or touch their forehead to the earth in a muslim prayer pose.

The after-goal celebrations of these highly competitive athletes are brief, intentional communications–when they know live TV cameras are focused on them–and in these moments of great accomplishment they are choosing to signal that they value their inner lives, and their connection with spirit.

I believe they are telling us that if you value high performance and accomplishment, don’t overlook your inner life and the value of spiritual practice!

Employers can now provide spiritual support to their teams just as they do mental and behavioral health care, with low-cost, flexible memberships in The Company Chaplain. www.thecompanychaplain.com

Photo shows Raúl de Tomás, just after scoring for Espanyol against Barcelona today.

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