The Wall Street Journal reports, “About one in four people with mental-health concerns turn to clergy”

The Wall Street Journal reports on the role of spiritual care in supporting people with mental health. “About one in four people with mental-health concerns turn to a clergy member before seeking help from clinical professionals, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, giving faith leaders a unique window on the mental health of many Americans.”

In an earlier post, I cited data which show that 25% of people who seek mental health care turn to clergy. That study found, “most respondents who went to clergy reported satisfaction with their care (92%) and that the services were helpful (94%).”

Spiritual care is a distinct need for care, separate from psychological/mental health care and behavioral health care. And it’s a natural fit with other types of care, layering on top of EAP and Digital Health. This is why spiritual care is a great employee benefit and makes The Company Chaplain an ideal partner for EAP and Digital Health companies. We can assure quality with our clinically trained, board certified providers of spiritual care, and all our services are online–from booking to delivery of care.

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