Counseling by Zoom makes it so much easier to attend sessions — NYT

This piece in the NYT makes the point that counseling by Zoom has made it so much easier to attend sessions that many clients have been able to attend more regularly, and also make more rapid progress toward completion. That is a huge win for clients, and the article makes clear that there are a lot of benefits for the counselor too! (Just to be clear, we don’t offer psychotherapy–The Company Chaplain provides counseling with board-certified chaplains by Zoom, to extend the reach of our services to those who otherwise would not be able to access a Chaplain.)

“Last fall the American Psychological Association conducted a survey of close to 1,800 practitioners and found that 44 percent reported fewer cancellations and instances of patients simply failing to come without calling. The explanation was self-evident. Once the logistical barriers to consistent attendance were removed — transportation, child care, bad weather — everything became easier.”

I don’t believe this will mean that in-person visits no longer have value, just that there will be more convenient options available by phone and teleconferencing on platforms like Zoom.

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