What is spiritual care? This article in The Guardian describes the spiritual support given by five chaplains of different faiths and cultures

You may have heard that providing spiritual care is a key HR innovation for 2022 in updating EAP and Wellness benefits, but what is spiritual care and what does it look like in practice?

Here are some great answers, below! (They are quotes from an article in today’s The Guardian newspaper: “Meet the frontline Chaplains offering emergency services for the soul.”)

The Fire Department Chaplain: “we’re here to support people personally in the strictest of confidence. You can be uniformed or not; a retiree or family member. Regardless, I never bring faith up, unless specifically asked. We don’t shove it down your throat: that’s the number one rule of the chaplaincy.

“Some people I meet are going through marital or relationship struggles; others financial difficulties or workplace problems. And, of course, there are specific challenges our personnel face as a result of our jobs: post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and injury. Our men and women are prepared to put their own lives at risk for people they’ve never even met. That takes a remarkably pure love for humanity. It’s a privilege to be at their service.” 

The Hospital Chaplain: “I certainly make sure their religious needs are met, but more often than not, the people who I visit don’t want to talk about faith or practice. Sikh or not, I’ll offer up my presence. Conversations can take any path, it’s part of what I enjoy. One day I might find myself discussing TV shows, the next I’m exploring the meaning of life with a very observant Muslim.

“They often want reassurance that things will be OK, and if they won’t be, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Sikhism teaches us there are five virtues which take us closer to God: truth, compassion, contentment, humility and love. I take these with me on every visit, as I hold your hand and ask what you need. If I’m caring for a Sikh person, we’ll recite prayers and read scripture.”

The Prison Chaplain: “my role is about the present: walking alongside someone, briefly, and helping them stay upright and balanced… I believe in humanity and redemption. I find meaning in life by connecting with others – in prisons that can prove hard for inmates. Many have few relationships and some have no contact with the outside world. So I try to be there instead. Person to person, I build connections.” 

The Jewish Care Home Chaplain: “Yesterday, I was about to leave a home but was stopped. “Rabbi,” a woman said, “my mum is dying.” We’d never met, but this daughter was struggling. I went upstairs and joined their family. We spoke for a while, about the purpose of life and how to face these moments calmly. They weren’t hugely religious, so I asked what might help. At their request, I sang a prayer from the festival of Yom Kippur as we stood by their mother’s bedside in her final moments. It brought them comfort.”

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