Which EAP or Digital health program will be first to market in the spiritual care space?

Who will be the first EAP or #digitalhealth program to offer spiritual care as a benefit to employees? Given the shortage of mental health providers in the current care model, this is an urgent and important question. Will it be a digital health provider such as #ableto #lyrahealth #talkspace #collectivehealth #betterup, #modernhealth #teladoc, or will it be a health insurance company like #aetna, or a legacy #eap?

Whomever is first will have access to thousands of board certified and clinically trained spiritual care providers.

HR conversations around spiritual care usually stop with the word “spiritual.” This is a mistake, but it’s the status quo. To bridge the gap, EAP and Digital Health providers can partner with The Company Chaplain, to expand their range of services while maintaining their distinct branding.

We provide the access to board certified spiritual care providers, and clients access care more quickly and easily. This addresses the utilization of care issues challenging EAPs and digital health providers, while also expanding the continuum of care in a direction that reflects actual consumer demand.

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